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Our Founders

Setiawan & Partners (S&P) is founded in December 2011 by three driven and motivated young lawyers: Hendra Setiawan Boen, Heriyanto Yang and Harjo Winoto (both retired from the Firm on November 2014). As we have known each other for quite some time, we admire each others strong professionalism and dedication to their professions, an admiration of which grow from time to time based on respect to the exceptional quality and specialization in law that we see in each and every one of us. Finally, after each of us spent years of experiences in different law firms in Indonesia and abroad, we decided to form a partnership.

In our pursuit to uphold the law and advocate justice for our country, we, the three founding partners acknowledged that each of our inimitable characteristics and analytical views will complement each other and be indomitable in unity. The pursuit, indeed, is what differ S&P from other firms. S&P is never a mere firm of profit but also a group of legal professionals who dedicate ourselves to also serve the underprivileged. It is our belief that this pursuit will enrich our knowledge and sharpen our sensitivity in solving every intricate case and problems ahead of us. With this position, from the moment it is established, S&P is highly recognized for its integrity, value, professionalism and expertise.

Our Community Service

While S&P is a commercial law firm, we, the Founders are fully aware that some people in many quarters within the society do not have access to justice due to their lack of knowledge, financial capacity, opportunity or social political position or capacity. We believe that serving the disadvantaged is not only a voluntary service, but, much more than that, it is a compulsory call of the legal profession. It is why we encourage our lawyers to meet these obligations through pro bono work, government service, service to the bar, and teaching. We also urge our lawyers to write and speak on legal issues and participate in the affairs of their larger communities, including those in defense of fundamental human rights and constitutional rights, freedom of speech and democracy.

Premium Legal Services at a Reasonable and Efficient Cost

It is S&P's unwavering commitment to always provide any of its clients with premium, targeted, effective and valuable legal services. On the other hand, we exercise flexibility in determining the fee structure for any particular projects assigned to us, either it is an hourly basis or lump-sump basis, with a cap or without a cap.

Our fee certainly, should properly reflect the scope, importance and complexity of our work. Nevertheless, we are willing to negotiate the scope of our work and our fee structure in order to allow us to provide our services in a most suited manners to our clients' preferences, needs, concerns, and interests.

Assuring you of premium legal services,

We remain,
Setiawan & Partners

Hendra Setiawan Boen Heriyanto Yang Harjo Winoto