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Over the years, our lawyers has provided assistance to and maintained relationships with a wide range of clients throughout Indonesia and abroad, including individuals, private and public companies, multinational corporations, state owned enterprises as well as governmental agencies and institutions. We maintain our relationships through our steadfast commitment to providing clients with added value and strategic advantage. We are committed to providing responsive attorneys, efficiently managed transaction and cases that meet the needs of our Clients.

We believe that trust is responsibility, performance is the key. We perform our responsibilities and earn our Client’s trust through the application of knowledge, diligence and creative thinking. We measure our success by the extent to which we satisfy our clients. This means we will always strive to excellence in providing them with the utmost degree of professionalism, care, and dedication. It is our belief that we have the experience and expertise to assist our clients in any of their legal needs for the following reasons.

1. S&P is an independent Indonesian full-service law firm, which has the expertise and resources to provide corporate and individual clients with sophisticated legal services with sensitivity for client’s business challenges and opportunities.

2. Although founded in as recent as late 2011, S&P offers the same level of sophisticated practice found in major international first-tier law firms. At the same time, S&P is committed to providing personal attention and service to its clients.

3.  Among S&P is one of the best practitioner in the country’s land/agrarian law, and we work closely with one the most authoritative oil & gas law experts, who is also a retired senior executive with an American based PSC’s contractors. Further, we also work closely with one of the country’s most authoritative tax law practitioners.

4. We are a dynamic new firm with members having strong track records in the Indonesian legal market. Our lawyers have long-standing experiences in advising distinguished local and international clients

5. We are committed to provide our clients with the best possible, practical, and cost-effective legal services, which include technical and commercial objectives along with pure legal advices. We work proactively to explore commercially feasible opportunities and to assess the diverse implications of legal problems faced by our clients.

6. Our team is equipped with tireless work ethic, supremely detailed, comprehensive and innovative legal proficiency.

7. We are fully familiar with local and international legal matters, and maintain amiable working relationships with Indonesia’s business and public administrations communities.

8. We endeavor to become creative problem-solvers, with an understanding of legal, economic, political, and personal characteristics of legal matters. We are able to work behind the scenes or at the forefront of any legal matters, subject to our clients’ best interests.

9. We are solution-oriented and client-focused, and we are wholeheartedly committed to our work.

10. S&P believes in the importance of clear communication. The firm is multilingual and can communicate in Indonesian, English, Russian and Chinese Dialects (particularly Mandarin, Hokkian and Teocheow).