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The following terms and conditions will apply to our appointment, unless we both expressively agree in writing. Please take sometimes to read the terms and conditions of appointment and should you have any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact your legal representations handling your matter, or our Managing Partner, Hendra Setiawan Boen at hendra@snplaw.net.

1. The Client

a) In the course of working for a client, it is often necessary for us to deal with various parties, especially if the client is a company. To avoid doubt or dispute as to the identity of our client, for the purposes of our appointment, the client is the person(s), entity or entities identified in the Power of Attorney and/or Engagement Letter. This is of course always subject to variation in writing by mutual agreement.

b) Our duty of care is to our client(s) as named in the Power of Attorney and/or Engagement Letter, and advice is given to our clients only. No other person should rely on the advice without our prior written consent.

c) We will taking instructions from the client or the agent or the person whom the client authorizes or nominates to give instructions on the client's behalf. However, our client will be the person named in the Power of Attorney and/or Engagement Letter as provided above.

2. Scope of Our Service

a) Our understanding of the scope of the service to client is set out in the Power of Attorney and/or Engagement letter and we will not undertake any other duties unless specified mention in the Power of Attorney and/or Engagement Letter and/or in subsequent instructions which are accepted by us.

b) To deliver our excellent service to you, we require you to give us complete instructions at every stage in  your matter. Written instructions are most helpful as we need you to give us all relevant information. Otherwise, there is a risk that the legal advice is given based on an insufficient understanding.

3. Professional Fees and Costs

a) Our fees for professional services in relation to the matter will be mutually agreed between you and us from time to time.

b) In addition, we will charge for:

- Printing, photocopying, telephone calls, faxes and non-legal work which outsouced by us (e.g. bulk printing and binding); and

- Time spent travelling on your instructions for the purposes of the matter.

c) For overseas and/or outside Jakarta assignments, unless we have agreed an alternative formula with you, we will charge on a per day date of the relevant lawyer (including travelling time), and disbursements including airline ticket, taxes, accommodatoin, meals, transport, etc.

d) In the course of acting for you, we may also incur expenses on your behalf. These expenses will be charged to you, and may include disbursement (e.g. third parties expenses, lodgement/registration fees, external search fees, and including transportation, courier and postage charges).

e) We may ask you for upfront funds to cover our professional costs, expenses and disbursement or the costs of foreign lawyers or other professionals. In particular for contentious matters, we will generally require funds to account for court hearing fees or for the provision of any security for costs. We will update you as to the balance in your client account with us from time to time, and we will refund to you any excess funds in your account after our final bill is rendered and fully paid.

4. Communications

Unless you inform us to the contrary, we will communicate, without prior reference back to you, directly with those individuals (including members of your staff or your other advisers) we consider appropriate, who we reasonably believe are involved in the matter and can assist in the provision of our services from time to time and may communicate with them and with any other relevant party by whatever means (including email). Unless you inform us to the contrary we will assume that you consent to us communicating with you about your matter by email.

5. Outcome

As you will appreciate, it is not possible to predict the outcome of a matter with absolute certainty, as the outcome depends on many variable factors. In the circumstances, we cannot and do not guarantee the outcome of any matter.

6. Limitation of Liability

S&P and any individual lawyer will not be liable to you in connection with our representation of you except for losses, claims, damages, liabilites or expenses incurred by you that result directly from S&P or that particular lawyer's professional negligence or willful misconduct. This clause is applicable to the extent permitted by applicable law.

7. Conflict of Interest

a) We have strict requirements designed to prevent our acting for one client in a matter where there is significant risk of, or is a conflict with the interests of another clients. Upon receipt of information regarding prospective matters, entry of relevant data into our computerised system prompts a check for potential conflicts.

b) In order to allow us to conduct the conflict check, it is important that you should identify for us all persons and entities that are or may became involved in this matter. These include all persons and entities that are affiliated with you and the other involved or potentially involved parties (such as parent companies, subsidiaries and other affiliates, officers, directors and principals). You may also agree to notify us promptly if you become aware of any other persons or entities that are or may become involved in this matter.

c) If you are failed to provide us with this information and if a conflict is subsequently discovered, we may decline to represent or to continue representing you.

8. Excellency of the Service

If you are dissatisfied with any element of our service, you should contact the partner responsible for the matter, the head of the relevant department or our Managing Partner who will be happy to discuss the matter with you and, if appropriate, initiate our client complaints procedure.