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We are pleased to announce that Setiawan & Partners, Jakarta (the S&P) have secured full affiliation partnership with Darshan & Teo LLP, Singapore (the D&T), beginning July 1, 2013.

In addition to the new partnership, both firms have updated their company profile and website and use signature logo of the respective firms. We are very enthusiastic about D&T becoming affiliate to our firm and we believe this relationship strengthens our on-going commitments to superior client service. Indeed, S&P and D&T acknowledge the philosophy of this mutual partnership will strengthen our competitiveness to embrace the ASEAN Economy Community (AEC) in 2015.

S&P is dedicated to growing as global law firm, and this partnership signify our baby step to that goals. We are thrilled to partner with D&T, because their culture so clearly aligns with ours, and both focused on providing highly responsive, proactive counsel. This will be a win-win partnership for our clients.

About Darshan & Teo LLP

D&T was first set-up in November 1983 and it was known as M/s Darshan & Partners. D&T eventually merged with M/s Michael SE. Teo with effect from 1 July 1998 and the practice was known as M/s Darshan & Teo. On 1 April 2012, Darshan & Teo converted to Darshan & Teo LLP, a limited liability partnership pursuant to the Limited Liability Partnership Act (Chapter 163A). D&T provides services for corporate and consumer clients from all walks of life and represents major financial institutions and overseas clients.

D&T has in recent years developed a sound private client base with businesses from Europe, America, South East Asia and the lndian sub-continent and provides a full spectrum of legal advice to overseas Companies and their personnel in their business ventures in Singapore and handles private client portfolio management. D&T prides itself on adopting a hands-on approach to all matters and its key focus is to provide effective solutions and first rate service to the full satisfaction of its clients. For more information on Darshan & Teo LLP, please visit www.darshan.com.sg