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In a conflicting situation, we help our clients to creatively and innovatively choose and execute the accurate strategy to manage or resolve the conflict at hand, either through litigation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, in order to achieve success and peace-of-mind.
Over the years, our lawyers have been involved in many high profile litigations in Indonesia and had experiences in defending clients in the Commercial Court for bankruptcy proceedings as well as in representing clients in claiming their rights from a bankruptcy estate of companies declared by the Commercial Court to be in bankruptcy.  Our Dispute Resolutions Practice Group is heavily engaged in all types of civil and commercial litigations in the extensive are including banking, finance, insurance, capital market, investments, acquisitions, shareholders dispute, and others. It is worth to note that our Managing Partner, Hendra Setiawan Boen, have been involved in a number of disputes in the administrative court where the interest of clients were detrimentally affected by other parties.

Led by Hendra Setiawan Boen, our Dispute Resolutions Practice Group won double awards as the Alternative Dispute Resolution of the Year in Indonesia in the category of Boutique Law Firm at the 2019 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award and 2019 Global Law Expert Awards. Managing Partner, Hendra Setiawan Boen, was receiving the awards on behalf of the firm.